Moving here from Michigan, I never thought I'd find a place so true to the food I'm used to.  I also get to top it off with a cup of coffee and a smooth HOOKAH after dinner.  LOVE this place.

-Alex Berry



All of the dishes are prepared fresh and with fresh meats and veggies. Everything is so good I can't even pick a favorite.


- Susan & Bob Kutz



My wife always says I'm too picky, I'm glad to find a place that lets me pick exactly how I want my burger. This is going to be my regular lunch spot. 


-Ben Hammond

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It doesn't get much more Mediterranean than the staple of the region's diet. Hummus is a smooth, rich spread that can be enjoyed with olive oil, as a dip with fried pita chips, as a topping, or as a meal on its own. Our recipe is what made us popular up North.


Now serving both lamb/beef and chicken gyros made fresh when you order, topped with tzakiki suace, onions, and diced tomatos.



Everyone loves Falafel. At Cedar Grill, we make our special mix daily. 


Shish Kebab 

We are Cedar Grill and what's better to grill than kabobs. Have your choice of Beef, Chicken, or Kafta. Or do what we like to do, have them all in a combo platter. 


You can be the chef. Just tell us how you want your burger and we will build it to your taste. 


Catering is available. 


Mediterranean Food

The Mediterranean diet has proven to be one of the healthiest ways to eat. At Cedar Grill we specialize in authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. With more than 20 years of successful eateries in Michigan, we are bringing the flavors of the Mediterranean here to Clermont, Fl. 

Our philosophy is "Fresh-Healthy-Delicious."   For the BEST Mediterranean food, come in and try it for yourself.  CEDER GRILL IS PROUD TO BE SERVING GYROS.

Burger-Builders. We love mediterranean cooking, but we also love a good juicy burger now and again. So we have created some of the best around and now you can create your own. Its called Burger-Builders. Come in and choose one of several of our great burgers or choose from our endless combinations to build your own masterpiece. 

Don't forget the Dogs. We come from Detroit, a place known for its muscle and coney dogs. The day is just not complete without a good-old-fashion coney. Coney not your thing? Don't worry, we have lots to choose from. 

Chef's Specialties

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